Who is Cathy?

Cathy Barker Lavoie

I believe our life doesn’t just happen to us. We create it. Intentionally living out our values and cultivating connections with others allows us to build the life that we want. I strive to align my daily life with my values: family, humor, fun, creative expression, and love of learning.  

I am an introvert by nature AND I believe connections with others are vital to our wellbeing. I prefer deep interactions with one person rather than a group and prefer to skip the small talk. I have a supportive squad and those relationships enrich my life.

I believe in the importance of play and recreation. By pausing and recreating – whatever that looks like for each person – we can focus on being rather than doing. Our society focuses too much on work and productivity and output. We spend too much time being illuminated by screens and not enough by the sun. 

I have 20 years of experience working with people within the college/university, health care, and fitness/wellness settings.  I’ve worked with people ranging from students to seasoned professionals to identify a clear vision of their purpose and establish action steps that will allow them to walk in that purpose.  

I enjoy spending time with my squad, music, reading, creating, and sitting on the beach as often as I can. I have a cat, Pixels, and a nephew and six nieces with whom my partner and I love spending time.

See the ways I’m connected to self, to others, and to my purpose:




Image of Cathy Barker Lavoie.
Cathy Lavoie, creator and owner of Connect Coaching, LLC.