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Why I Decided to Become a Life Coach

As I have grown and made my way through life, I have desired to be more “soul-aligned”. I have wanted more peace, more fulfillment, more purpose. For me, that means constantly and consistently following my intuition and doing the next right thing. What it looks like in my life is cultivating relationships, finding humor in daily life, doing what I can to make others happy, finding a healthy balance between “work” and “play”, and being professionally devoted to my gifts, skills, and passions. As a career, I want to do something at which I can be really good, and just as importantly I want to do something that positively impacts people. You’re already thinking it right – telling other people what to do with their lives is the obvious life path for me, isn’t it?

No? Not what you were thinking at all? Well, that’s OK because that’s not what life coaching is anyway, though when I first started pursuing it, that’s what I believed.

What is life coaching?

What life coaching actually is, and why I enjoy it so much, is helping people uncover their own wisdom and knowledge and motivation and strengths so that they can be their best selves and live their best lives. It is helping people see their blind spots and limiting beliefs, see the obstacles and barriers in their way and help them strategize to overcome these things. Living our best lives is possible for anyone and everyone – some people just need help envisioning that and getting there. It’s a lot of asking questions and very little telling people anything!

Live Your Best Life!

Decorative image of where the oldest living humans live.

For me, living our best lives has a whole lot to do with who we spend our lives with and a lot less to do with what we have or what we do. It’s about having a squad or a crew – whether that’s 3 or 4 people or a larger crew, that’s what living our best lives is truly about. Don’t hear me say house ownership or a certain type of car or particular job doesn’t enhance our lives. Those things surely do. But true happiness in life originates in connection and fellowship with others, and belonging in a community.

Turns out, being in connection and fellowship with others and belonging in a community are all pretty important to our physical and emotional health. Close relationships and social integration are 2 of the top 3 predictors of longevity 1 . Having a community and being closely connected with others are linked with some of the world’s oldest living humans 2 . More about that in the next couple of weeks. It’s really fascinating.

Know Yourself

A vital part of being truly connected to others and belonging in a community is knowing yourself and being your best self. It is when we are most connected to, aware of, and comfortable with ourselves that we can be most connected to ourselves and most fully participatory in our community. When we’re our best selves, we can live our best life. We can live out our purpose. That is why my tagline is “connect to self, connect to others, connect to purpose”

That is why I am drawn to life coaching. Many of us don’t take the time to do the work of getting to know ourselves. Many of us know we want life to be better but aren’t sure how. Many of us know what we want our life to look like, but we don’t believe it can really look like we imagine. As a coach, I can help people work through that by creating a safe and challenging space for people to really BE and SEE themselves, their obstacles and barriers, and their blind spots. I can help them envision their best selves and their best lives. I’m drawn to it because I can walk with people as they transform their lives and themselves. As they connect to themselves, to others, to their purpose.


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